Our Changes With COVID

What a season we are in, right? COVID has changed our lives in so many ways. In order to keep our patients, our staff, and our volunteers safe, we have made some changes ourselves. Let’s look at what you can expect coming to Avenues for Women: –We have limited the number of people in the

The Importance of Self-Care

I think a lot of times, the idea of “taking care of number one” gets a bad reputation. And it’s true, only taking care of number one can lead down a pretty narcissistic road. But I have come to realize that the opposite side of that coin, never taking care of yourself, can be just

Summer Dating Tips

It’s almost August, which means trying to get in the last bit of sunshine and summer fun- bonfires, swimming, and summer romance. If you haven’t experienced a summertime love firsthand, I am sure you have seen some version of it on TV. Maybe it’s the lifeguard at your neighborhood swimming pool; maybe it’s your nextdoor

April Showers and May Flowers: Positivity and Looking Toward the Sunshine

More than usual, it seems, this April has defended its rainy reputation. We have hardly gone 3 days in a row without needing to pack along the umbrella (or canoe). Often I have found this kind of weather to have a pretty significant effect on my mood. The rain confines everyone inside, the skies are

Starting Over: Is It Worth The Fight?

The more I think about it, the less convinced I become that New Year’s is the time for resolutions. There is way too much pressure. The average resolution is broken about 19 minutes after it’s made, and if you’re more concretely resolved, you may make it to February. Me, I don’t even remember the resolutions

Some Thoughts on the Dating Journey

Dating can exciting, fun, and quite a journey. It can also be pretty tricky. What do you do? How do you find the “right” person? What kind of person do you date? How much do you share? And what is a “date” anyways? To add to all of the questions, there are usually a lot

Follow Us on Twitter

Social media is everywhere- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram- it is how many people connect and find helpful information today. Avenues for Women is excited about all the ways that we are using social media to connect with you. We have a new free client mobile app- “Avenues for Women” -This app puts our contact information, our

New App!

We are pleased to announce that our Avenues for Women mobile app is ready for download FREE for both iPhone and Android devices. Check it out for information about our services, sexual health, and pregnancy options. Never been to Avenues for Women? You can see pictures of our office before you come. Other features include

New Website is Launched

Welcome to our new Avenues for Women website! We want this site to be a place with helpful information that empowers you to make an informed decision about sexual health and pregnancy-related issues. You can find information about pregnancy, options if you or someone you know is pregnant, and support. Contact us through our 24-hour