If you recently had unprotected (or even protected) sex and your period is late, you could be pregnant. It’s stressful watching and waiting for it.

Maybe it’s time to take a pregnancy test. Avenues for Women offers complimentary professional pregnancy testing.

How A Pregnancy Test Works

Our pregnancy tests are lab-quality urine tests with a 99% accuracy rate. They detect the level of the hCG pregnancy hormone in a woman’s urine. When a woman is pregnant, her body begins producing hCG once a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining. During early pregnancy, the hCG concentration increases rapidly — doubling every two to three days. A positive pregnancy test means hCG has been detected.

Other Pregnancy Signs

Every woman is different, and her body experiences pregnancy differently. A missed period is not the only symptom of early pregnancy. You may experience some or none of the following common symptoms:

  • A missed period
  • Nausea (morning sickness)
  • Tender or swollen breasts
  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Food aversions or cravings

It is possible that you could have some of these symptoms and not be pregnant. Stress, hormonal changes, and rapid weight gain or loss can cause your menstrual cycle to change. Nausea and fatigue can be signs of the flu, and tender breasts could mean your period is about to start.

At-Home Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests purchased at a drug store are reliable, but you can get inaccurate results for various reasons. Many times, women are anxious to get an answer when their period is late and sometimes take a test too early. In addition, directions are not always closely followed, or the test may have expired. Certain medications that contain hCG might also interfere with home pregnancy test results too.

These are important facts to consider. Our medical staff and advocates will explain the process thoroughly to help ensure an accurate result.

If Your Pregnancy Test Is Positive

Only an ultrasound scan can confirm a pregnancy. Avenues for Women offers complimentary limited ultrasound services. An ultrasound scan will indicate how long you have been pregnant, if you are in the process of a miscarriage or may have already miscarried (20% of known pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage), and where your pregnancy is located (rule out an ectopic pregnancy).

Once both a pregnancy test and ultrasound confirm your pregnancy, we can talk about your options. You do not have to face this alone.

We are here for you. There will not be any judgment, lectures, or pressure. We offer answers, compassion, and a listening ear. We are your best first step. Schedule an appointment today.