You may be overwhelmed about your pregnancy test results. If your professional pregnancy test from Avenues is positive, your next step may be a complimentary limited ultrasound scan.

You still need more information about your pregnancy before you can decide what to do. An ultrasound is the best way to get those answers. Schedule yours today.

What Is An Ultrasound?

A fetal ultrasound (sonogram) is an imaging technique using sound waves to produce images of the inside of your uterus. A nurse applies a gel-like substance to your abdomen. The gel helps transmit sound waves. A hand-held device called a transducer is rubbed over the gel to record the echoes of the sound waves it picks up. The sound waves reflected off your bones and other tissues will be converted into images on a computer monitor.

Why An Ultrasound Is Important

There are three important reasons why an ultrasound is necessary.

To determine if you are in the process of or have had a miscarriage.

According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 20% of known pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. Through an ultrasound, our nurse can assess the pregnancy’s viability (is the pregnancy growing).

To determine how far along you are.

Ultrasounds also determine how long you have been pregnant by taking measurements. This is vital information especially if you’re considering abortion. The type of abortion procedure available is determined by the number of weeks of your pregnancy.

To determine if your pregnancy is in the right place.  

Some pregnancies develop outside of the uterus, such as in the fallopian tube. A fetal ultrasound can help us detect an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy located outside of the uterus). Ectopic pregnancies are extremely dangerous and can be life-threatening.

Our Complimentary Ultrasound

At Avenues for Women, we offer complimentary limited ultrasound scans for your health and safety. Schedule your appointment today before you make any decisions about your unexpected pregnancy. We want you to have as much information as possible so you can make an educated and empowered decision for your future. How can we serve you?